Tree Removal when Preparing for a Music Festival

Music festivals have become more and more popular in the past decade.  From SXSW in Texas, to the rebirth of Lollapalooza, to the myriad of others that have sprung up.  As the weather turns nice in the Spring months, tons of people take to the outdoors to enjoy music and fun in a festive atmosphere.

Most of these take place in a large outdoor area, and prepping this type of area takes a special amount of consideration.  It pulls in different areas of expertise, including public health, sanitation, botanists and arborists, as well as entertainment experts.

Land Preparation - Tree Removal and Arborists

One of the first steps towards a successful music festival is getting the land prepared for thousands of people to come marching through.  This includes many different aspects, including selective tree removal, land clearance.

Getting a licensed tree service is a crucial first step to this, it is important to get the experienced experts when dealing with arboreal aspects of the music festival.  They not only provide the equipment and service necessary, but can also provide advice and design input.

Sanitation Issues

Anybody who has been at an outdoor music festival for more than a few hours will know of the one crucial element that they all need, i.e. bathrooms!  If you do not have buildings nearby with adequate facilities (and sometimes even if you do!) you will need to employ portable toilets.  These can be rented by many different waste management and sewage management companies and come under some recognizable names as Porto-potty and Porto-John.

When it comes to planning for these things, you should include 1 facilities for every 50 people.  So if your festival is meant to have 1000 people, you should have 20 portable facilites on hand.  Failure to reach this number will get you long lines and unfortunate "accidents", especially when you have alcoholic beverages on hand.

The Entertainment Itself

Finally you have the actual entertainment/music aspect of the music festival.  For this you will need to bring an experienced audio management company.  While each performer will likely have their own equipment, the management company will help to set up all the infrastructure (including stages, lighting, electrical wiring, etc).  Without this it will likely be impossible to have a show at all.

An experienced company is crucial here.  Inexperience in this area, especially electrical wiring, can have dire consequences, even resulting in physical harm.  For instance, in an outdoor setting it is often likely that rain will occur at least once during a multiday festival.  How does your equipment handle this?  What about strong winds?  These types of considerations are the types of things that an knowledgeable management company will know how to deal with.


Obviously running a large music festival is very complex, and the above points make up just a portion of the issues that will come up.  Nonetheless, these 3 main points are a very important part of things and need to be handled with special care and consideration.  If you are planning on being part of a music festival, make sure to take this advice into account!


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