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Flip Music Education Festival is happy to be celebrating the hardworking educators around the globe.  Whether they have a focus on the music, arts or sciences, teachers and educators are what strengthen our younger generation, and for that we thank them.  The impact these wonderful people have on our society is immeasurable, and we hope that no one forgets that.

We wanted to put together this festival to spread awareness of the need for music education funding around the globe.  With budget's tightening and layoffs happening around the world, the first programs to get cut are ones related to music.  It is simply not seen as a priority in our children's education, and that is a shame.   We believe it is wrong-headed to eliminate music from the culture of our children.  Music teaches us so much about live and the world around us, eliminating that from our curriculum is a shame, and does significant harm to our young minds and future musicians.

There have been previous virtuous endeavors to save music programs in schools, including the famous Save The Music from VH1.  These were tremendously effective in their efforts and campaigns to raise awareness, raise money, and provide supplementary programs for music education and orchestral programs for thousands of schools in the USA and around the globe.

Sadly, however, these programs are not as active as they used to be.  That is why we at Flip have put together our initiatives.  No generation should be faced with budget cuts slashing a schools funds for music, orchestra, choir and music theory.  It is just not right, and we are going to do something about it!

Thanks for reading this.  It is truly the first step in supporting music programs across the globe.  You can take a look at our "Save Local Music Programs" page if you want to support a local initiative right now.  We are underway putting together our funding and support infrastructure, and will be updating everyone (via list blog and our e-mail list) when we are ready to launch fully.

Edit: 2/10/2015

Special thanks to Dionne Warwick and her staff for the generous outpouring of support.  We have been lifelong fans of hers and to be able to work with her towards our goals has been an amazing experience for us.  Best Wishes, Dionne!