Branding in the Music Business

Branding in the music business is as essential as any other business sector. The music industry has a lot of artists with unique abilities and stellar performance that can make it hard for any ordinary musician to make his/her way to stardom. Branding your music business can revolutionize your career by widening not only your audience but your music niche as well.

Musical giants like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj have been able to stand out in music industries due to their elaborate dressing mode. This mode of branding has set them apart from other musicians that are struggling to reach the top. Here are a few tips that can get you started with branding in the music industry.

  1. Set up your musical identity
Branding in the music industry might be more important than other industries.

Dressing yourself up like other successful musicians not only makes you unidentifiable but unoriginal as well. What you ought to do is create a brand for yourself. For instance, the late Michael Jackson was widely recognized as the king of pop, Avril Lavigne as the punk princess, while Lil Wayne is considered the king of rap/hip hop. These musicians created their musical niche, got focused and rose above the rest. Create your musical identity and hold on to it until you can be identified with it.

  1. Know your audience

Who is your music directed to? Is it directed to punk lovers, male or females fan, rock, R & B or pop lovers? You must choose your music wisely; work on it until it catches up before you can explore other genres. As a plus, always inject your personality into your music for it to click otherwise your efforts will flop terribly.

  1. The name and color of your band

This feature is widely used by companies while marketing their name to its clients. Your musical band name and color should be simple and easy to memorize. Ensure to use the same colors and fonts during promotions for easy identification by your fans.

  1. Don’t overlook collaborations

In the current world, collaborations are regarded as a phenomenal marketing technique to widen a musician’s fan base. A once little-known Ariana Grande from Nickelodeon’s Victorious rose to fame after her collaboration with Big Sean, a widely known rapper. Ariana’s songs became known as they topped the Billboards in 2014.

Collaborations can provide a musician an avenue to explore other music genres. By featuring in other musician’s song or singing a particular verse, you can gain credibility and tap into a genre that would have considered unlike you. You can consult a professional branding agency like The Branding Division, which can help with all of the above plus some additional networking.  This means gaining access to opposing markets. Therefore, make use of the starring influence of other musicians to market yourself-not all of them are rivals.

  1. Establish online presence

Do not ignore the power of online marketing. Music is supposed to be heard beyond the border lines, and this can only be possible by placing your songs in online platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and even your own website. Placing your music on online platforms can help you to speed up branding your music. Ensure to use similar colors and logos to help your fans identify you easily.

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